The Relational Diplomacy Institute(RDI)

“Building relationships for a better world”

Welcome to the Relational Diplomacy Institute (RDI).

The future of the world depends on the quality of our relationships across our family rooms, our neighborhoods, and across the world’s mountains, deserts, and oceans.

The mission of The Relational Diplomacy Institute is to promote and research the best practices in relational diplomacy and cultivate the next generation of Relational Diplomats to create the building blocks for a more peaceful, sustainable, and united planet.

By sharing the best models and most innovative ideas, we can speed the progress towards a more peaceful and harmonious world and ensure that individually, as communities, and as a planet, we can overcome vast adversity and blossom to our fullest potential in a world beyond borders.

RDI is currently searching for fellows to join as researchers in the field. Learn more.

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